Zalando Plus

In late 2017, Zalando soft launched a paid premium service that gives regular customers the option to sign up for extra benefits. From a strategic perspective, the new service would sit very close to the Zalando identity in terms of branding.

My role was to design a custom made typographic logo / wordmark that worked seamlessly with the existing brand. In terms of application, it had to be clear and simple enough to work in very small sizes for the app as well as digital and printed promotional material, supers in campaign video material and of course on the packages themselves. 

Certain characteristics of the Zalando wordmark were used to influence the Plus wordmark. Slight rounding of edges, diagonal terminals of the S mirror the angle of the Z. The typeface was also italicised in response to key strategic values of the brand.

A complete brand guideline was created at the end of 2017 with a full roll out expected in early 2018.

Logo Design / Brand Identity
Marco Di Stefano

Federico Benigni

2017 / 2018

Zalando Plus

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